Friday, October 17, 2008

Preseason Game 5, Dallas Mavericks visit Detroit Pistons

Theme: "Feel Like A Number," Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Game Info: Again with the


Not overreacting, though last night's loss to the Pistons called for another trip to Sonic for something Bad For Me.

- Terry had the night off (and should wear his suits tailored a bit slimmer, he's got the build). And JJ went down in the third with what looks like a rolled ankle and a nice jab to the knee. Word is he'll be operational on Saturday against the Kings, but won't participate in scrimmage tonight. Painful reminder of how much is riding on Jason Kidd . . . and how shallow Dallas is at the point.

- Poor JJ did not have a good road trip. This makes two games where he had to bail because of a hard fall. Get healthy fast, dude.

- Stackhouse . . . can you do that kind of thing on a more consistant basis? Pweeze, pweeze, pretty pweeze? He took a charge hard enough to hurt from here!

- Kind of a slow start, but then defense locked down. The Pistons shot under 30% in the first half. Is it yummy, NBA? Do you like it?

- Free-throw shooting's better, but not at the level it needs to be. And turnovers continue to be a problem.

- Four quick fouls with more than eight minutes to play, I knew right then we were screwed. That shit was not fun to watch.

- Rasheed Wallace is a drama queen . . . in a scary I'll-pull-your-throat-out-with-my-tombstone-grin kind of way.

In The Wash: Given that this is the preseason, I can understand why Coach kept the starters out when it became clear the second-third stringers weren't getting it done. I mean, this game was in the fucking bag, but the Pistons outscored us 36 to 19 in the fourth quarter. How? Simple; the starters came back in, drew some quick fouls, put Dallas over the limit early in the fourth, and pecked us to death.

Bottom line: if the starters had come back, we would've won. Is anyone in Detroit familiar with the concept of a mercy fuck?

Final: 84-81, Pistons

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