Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet Our Army

That does it, folks.

Mavericks have inked in their official roster, as the Organization releases Reyshawn Terry, JaJuan Smith, and Cheyne Gadson. McLeod they're hanging onto because dear God do we need another decent back-up point guard.

I hope those three gentlemen find homes somewhere in the NBA. They seem like nice guys and good players. Similar to the situation that got us Brandon Bass -- there just isn't a place for them on this particular team.

There's the potential upside to a professional sports career (money and fame and all the accessories that go with vast shitloads of same), but goddamn. How do you deal? I mean, here you are, shoved around the world in twelve hours, having to audition for an extremely demanding job when you're jet-lagged out of your mind, might not even speak the language, you're probably barely out of school, missing your folks, terrified you won't make it and all that effort and money down the tubes--

What kind of person rolls the dice, with the odds jacked that high against them? Like Mom told me once about someone she knew who went to New York straight out of high school to pursue a Broadway career -- she asked their music teacher if her friend stood a chance of making it and the teach told her Broadway's full of cute blondes who played Eliza Doolittle in high school. But it can't all be teenage hubris . . .

In any event, travel safe and good luck.

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