Friday, October 10, 2008

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Ink In Your Roster . . .

Ex-tree! Ex-tree!

Check it out, yo. The Mavs have cut a deal with the Indiana Pacers to acquire Shawne Williams. The word around the campfire is the deal includes Eddie Jones and a couple of second round draft picks.

Not sure what to make of this, unless this is the Big Sou-Prize Donnie Nelson promised us way back in July. Jones is bench-bait for the Mavs at best . . . but what is Williams, exactly? According to the Morning News, his off-court doings are a definete cause for concern. Hanging around murder suspects, something happening in his house that might or might not have been rape-- schtick like that.

I'm wondering if the Mavs are placing too much stock in Coach's abilities as a wrangler of psychopaths. Or if being on a team led by the most unselfish, least drama-queeny, arguably hardest working star in the NBA is better for players than one might think.

Suddenly . . . our bench is looking deep, the team doesn't look quite as old, and how many days is it until the 30th?

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