Thursday, October 16, 2008

Preseason Game 4, Dallas Mavericks visit Indiana Pacers

Theme: Combichrist, "This Sh*t Will Fcuk You Up"
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Overreaction in three, two, one . . .


- Anyone else want to ask how bad we need Jason Kidd? Or Dampier and Stackhouse for that matter?

- Let's be real. The Mavs went to the deep bench in the second half the way they've been doing for all the preseason games. If the starters had been available and played, we would've won. Hell if JJ had been available -- he took a hard fall and sat out the fourth quarter -- we might still've won.

- Winning isn't necessarily the object of preseason. Particularly for the Mavs, who have to make significant roster cuts before the deadline on the 27th.

- That said, isn't it always the object of the game, is to win?

- Crunch time execution = fail. Everything went wrong. Defense, weak all game -- it wasn't so much dribble penetration as dribble gang-rape -- broke down. Offensively, the guys started throwing up what looked suspiciously like panic 3s.

- And just as an aside, you know the big guy, right? Tall, skinny, tends to talk through his nose? Why was he wearing a knee wrap and why wasn't he on the bench in the second half?

- Something in the smiley-face column; Gerald Greene looks like he might work out. Probably not going to see heavy minutes over the regular season . . . at least not this year.

In The Wash: Free-throw shooting. Yes, let's have a talk about that, gentlemen. We can agree on this, right? There isn't a magic bullet or shortcut to decent free-throw stats. It's very simple; take 500 a day. Every day. After awhile muscle memory takes over.

Last night's FT percentage; 64%. Not good. Unacceptable, actually. It's called the charity stripe for a reason; those points should be a given. Not to mention . . . Indiana had seven more turnovers and twelve less fast-break points, and you still lost? Gu-uuuys . . .

I hope Coach got the data he needs, and that the gloves come off tonight. These're the Pistons, gentlemen.

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