Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Step Away From The Edge

I'm clinging, suction-cup-Garfield-like, to the idea that the Mavs didn't improve after the Kidd trade was due to mismanagement of the team's skills. Because the alternatives are terrifying -- the Mavs haven't retained and developed the talent necessary to remain in the elite picture, Kidd really is old and past it, Dirk's just not that good. Those thoughts make me want to get into PJs and crawl under the covers with my Cabbage Patch doll. I can handle disappointment, a season full of complete futility is another story -- I had to root for Detroit when the Tigers were seriously flirting with Worst Baseball Team Ever and let's not discuss the Lions for that way lies madness.

Watched one of the Sports Extras the other night. The interviewee was a lady name of Nancy Lieberman, the First Lady of Basketball. I was prepared to not take her seriously, but oh well I couldn't sleep.

Thank God I did. I didn't realize it, but I'd replaced Mr. Galloway on that NBA Ledge, ready to shitcan hope and faith, ready to believe my beloved Mavs were doomed to another (for them) pisspoor year. Ms. Lieberman pointed out that Avery Johnson's overmanagement of the team had neutralized whatever advantage we got in the Kidd trade and with a new coach that will change, repeated that Josh Howard is showing positive signs of getting his shit together, and basically reminded everyone that we are an elite level team and MFsFL have a right to expect and hope for great things next season. Granted, she did lose brownie points by getting Master Geschwinder's name wrong.

I'm aware that all the sound bites did was reinforce my own prejudices . . . so sue me, I don't want to believe my team is crap. Why so many basketball guys in Dallas do want to believe that is a discussion for another day.

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