Monday, July 14, 2008

I. Am. Calm. Dammit.

So far in Summer League, our Mavs are 0-2.

Determined not to overreact. Unlike the Clips and the Warriors, who still have vital roster spots available (ones with playing time), the Mavs have all but one slot spoken for -- and the consensus is they're going to leave that slot open a while and see if anything Really Interesting happens later this summer. Most of these guys're going to Europe or the D-League, and they know it.

Not going to panic. This is not worth panicking over.

(whimper) I'm so spoiled. I'm used to three-point shots going into the basket.

In other news, I swung by West End and caught the finals of the NBA Nation's Kia Motors Performance Challenge. Basically a lap around the court -- starting with a layup, then a dribbling weave through some cones (well they were silhouette cutouts but in a gym class they would've been cones), then a bounce-pass through a target hoop, then a free throw, then a chest pass through another target hoop, then another dribbling weave, then finish with another layup. Add brillant sunshine, blazing heat, and an erratic breeze; this wasn't no stroll through the mall.

You wouldn't know it by watching the eventual winner though, a family guy named Tony wearing a Jason Kidd uniform. His final score was 19.3 seconds, about four seconds better than the next best time. Cooler than an Eskimo's fridge, guys. His prize? A brand new car. Man was in tears when the Kia guy handed him the keys. NBA Nation hasn't updated their website yet, but they should sometime in the next few days. Check it out.

PS: I'm with Fish. Send the TXA guys to work the games. The national-level announcers drive me nuts.

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