Friday, July 11, 2008

Only Seven More Hours Until Tipoff . . .

Whelt, it's official, sports fans, Diop's back in Dallas (at a substantial pay raise, the lucky bastard and I say that with love). JJ Barea's also on the roster, having signed a deal for $1.5 million.

If there're any more moves in the offing, the Organization's being very quiet about them. Nothing on the Morning News, the Star-Telegram, or DB-dot-com. Seems the Org was serious about just a couple of tweaks to the roster and then going onwards. Makes me nervous, but I'd feel that way no matter what they did.

Gonna be a loooooong few months.

Mavs first summer league game's tonight on Channel 21 (or NBA TV, for those fortunate souls who have SuperTV). I'm there. Hoops withdrawl ain't pretty.

Got an ad in my Yahoo mail yesterday saying that Platinum level tickets are going on sale. At around ninety bucks a game. Yowzers! Ponying up for the good rafter seats damn near bankrupted me this last season. Besides, the fans in the Platinum section tend towards the "cocaine-and-boob-job" crowd. Blarch.

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