Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Must . . . Get Through . . . Offseason . . .

News Bits:

- The Rocky Mountain Review -- the second half of the Summer League, it isn't being televised locally -- is in gear. Last night our Mavs beat down the San Antonio Spurs 84-77, and from what I'm hearing it was anchored by a Mighty Man effort from Gerald Green. Are the Basketball Gods possibly cutting us a break here? Is the young Gerald getting a game together? We'll see.

- He made it! He made it! Sunday night Germany beat out Puerto Rico for the last slot in the Olympic Men's Basketball Tournament. Germany's going to the Olympics, first time since '72. That's one more big goal checked off Dirk's career To Do list. All that's left is the NBA Championship. Most of us MFsFL are geeked for the guy . . . just please to be minding those leg joints, okay dude?

- Team USA is getting together for their training camp. Our Mr. Kidd is one of the starters -- he was on the last Olympic team to win it all (2000 Sydney games). Give you an indication of how fast the rest of the world catches up and passes; Team USA slunk out of Athens with a bronze. FAIL.

- The Olympic Tournament has twelve teams playing, divided into two groups of six. In the preliminary round everyone gets a game with each other team in that group. The four best records advance to the quarterfinals. After that, it looks like straight single elimination, with the medals going to the three teams left standing. Group A consists of teams Argentina, Australia, Croatia, Iran, Lituhania, and Russia; Group B of teams Angola, China, Germany, Greece, Spain, and United States.

- Team USA's Preliminary Round schedule looks like this:
8-9, 9:15 AM CST, versus China
8-11, 7:00 AM CST, versus Angola
8-13, 7:00 AM CST, versus Greece
8-15, 9:15 AM CST, versus Spain
8-17, 7:15 AM CST, versus Germany

- Experience is something you underestimate, especially if you don't have it. A lovely and thought-provoking article on Basketbawful (of all places).

Happy Tuesday, yo. Is the offseason over yet?

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