Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Basketball Junkies, Rejoice!

Oh thank God! TXA-21's televising the summer league games. First one's this Friday. We don't have to go cold-turkey until the season officially starts. Besides, I need my Followhill fix. Mark rules. :-)

There's been a lot of positive feedback about Coach Carlisle in the past couple of months, as he, Misters Cuban and Nellie, and the Organization's spin-meisters ladle out the sunshine. Whether that's a reflection of the man himself or the Mavs and fanbase working through post-AJ-hangover is a matter of interpretation.

The summer leaguers are playing for permanent roster spots; the team still needs some serious patching on interior defense. According to the Morning News Coach plans to run them into the ground over the next three weeks. "[W]e shouldn't lose a game," Carlisle said at practise yesterday. Anybody taking bets on that? I'll put ten on the Mavs.

We've also got the Olympics this year. Let not the USA be pwned again, please God?

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