Saturday, May 10, 2008

New General On The Field

It's official, guys. All that's left is the press conference (scheduled for Wendsday).

"Rick Carlisle didn’t waste any time getting to work … even if he didn’t have the job just yet. The 48-year-old coach ran his first practice in, of all places, Dirk Nowitzki’s living room . . ."

The thought makes me smile. :-D

But now we can get on to what's next. I have visions of the kind of HR management and recruitment strategies you see in heist movies, which makes me smile some more. I know that's not what goes on, not in life as we live it, but it's fun to picture. Getting up to speed, determining what you have and what you need, and deploying resources to achieve a desired end.

Congratulations, Mr. Carlisle. Welcome to Dallas!

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