Tuesday, May 6, 2008



Hi. M'name's BJ.

Originally from Michigan, home of Great Lakes, Yoopers, and mosquitoes the size of toasters. Would've been happy to put down roots and grow, dandlion-like, out of a crack in Detroit's concrete but for two things; I hate snow and Detroit has no work.

So around Halloween last year a friend of mine asked for someone to sublet her apartment in Dallas, so's she could move back to Detroit. True love, yo. So I took stock of my life, found nothing much keeping me, and said yeah sure why not.

Now in order to assimilate myself into Dallas life, I started following the sports scene. Not intensively; watch the Stars if there's nothing else on, shake my fist at the Cowboys because I haven't learned to like them yet, shudder at the idea of rooting for the Texas Rangers. You know, as something to do. Basketball pretty much slid under my radar. To be honest, I was happy to forget the sport existed after middle school gym class. And anyone who's met me in person will understand why.

Then one day I happened to catch the tail end of a basketball game, our Dallas Mavericks against the Chicago Bulls. And on the basis of a thrilling 3-point play fell totally ass-over-applecart in love with one of the players. Seize me by the libido and the heart and mind follows.

That's what got my attention. A trip to the Amercian Airlines Center on March 18 for my first live game hooked me for good. My world was rocked.

But see above, re under the radar. I'm in all ways ignorant as to what makes basketball work. What's a triple-double, and why is it a big deal? What's a pick-and-roll, besides a cute name for fighting with my sister? Why can't I kill the obnoxious Kobe Bryant fans chanting 'MVP!' in the row behind me? And on and on.

So starting with the preseason and straight through the 2009 playoffs, I'm going to watch, I'm going to learn, and I'm going to enjoy.

Come with me?

PS: Yes, it was Dirk. The magnificent bastard.

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Kim said...

Hey! It's Kim. Great blog. Although my life would be easier if you kept it in your LJ.

Anyway, I can help with the learning of the basketball. Matt was his high school MVP. I have been forced to learn.

Triple Double equals double digits in any three stats. Most commonly points, rebounds and assists. Although, Matt says some players do it with blocks as one of the stats, but that is pretty rare.

Sorry about the Mavs and the playoffs!