Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Humble Opinions, Football Edition

In other sports blatherings . . .

I've been dreading football season. Why? Because I hate the Cowboys.

I mean, I have nothing against the team or the players thereon. I do have reservations about letting a near as no nevermind felon play, but I can accept that that's a buisness decision and what the hell the guy might've reformed. Cowboys fever as it's practised here annoys the piss out of me, and their fans seem to encourage and celebrate the type of toxic fan nastiness that I've described earlier -- the folks who follow sports because it gives them a socially acceptable reason to behave like total stinking assholes.

I did it rather than root for the Texas Rangers -- Ti-grrs! -- and I was seriously considering doing it here too; leaving my loyalty with the Motor City.

That's before I read this:


Fuck this shit, if I want to get my gridiron on, I'll watch the NCAA. Fuck the Lions, fuck the Cowboys, fuck the whole business. The Mom Rule on Thanksgiving applies. No football.

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