Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Humble Opinion, May 13

Kidd? I'm going on the side of optimism and saying that he's good for another quality season. I don't think it was reasonable to expect a title three months after that big of a shift in leadership. Yes that's the Pride Salve talking, but what else have I got?

The situation is like the LBJ during rush hour in two ways; it resembles an unholy marriage between a demolition derby and a parking lot, and the victims don't have a choice but to be patient and tough it out. And hope the car doesn't run out of gas.

I'm a Michigander; I think in terms of traffic hassles.

Extending the metaphor. Back home the main north-south highway artery through town is US-131. As it goes over the Grand River, it makes a left-to-right turn in order to cross at a good angle -- the S-curve.


Up until a few years ago the word 'S-curve' would cause drivers in five counties to shudder in fear and loathing. As it was originally constructed, the turns weren't banked properly. Meaning unless you were clever and lucky, the odds were in favor of skidding out of your lane and into the poor slob next to you. Add in winter weather, badly laid-out interchanges, no shoulder to speak of, and traffic flowing through at ten to fifteen over the posted limits (speed limits are treated as suggested minimums), and well, it did not make for a pleasant commuting experience.

Back in '99, the entire bridge was demolished and rebuilt. Traffic was rerouted through town for the summer. The mess was considerable. But the resulting piece of construction -- with wider turns, safer banking, better entrance and exit ramps, and bigger shoulders -- is a breeze to drive through. Rather than a serious hazard to your mental health and personal safety.

That's where we are right now. The old structure was serviceable, but not up to the demands being placed upon it. So with the trade for Jason Kidd and the dismissal of Coach Johnson, it was ripped out. This off-season is for rebuilding.

The contractors and workers that did the S-curve were fucking heros, doing a damn fine job with the new road. Coach Carlisle's history suggests he can do that with our Mavs; that rebuilding is in fact a specialty of his. Remember that blurb about the fight at the Palace of Auburn Hills a few years ago? The Pacers still made the playoffs that year.

Do the job and do it well, on time and under budget. Amazing how much of life can be reduced to that principle.

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