Sunday, March 14, 2010

Murphy's Law, Squared

To wit, if it can go wrong, it will make a specific point of going wrong, simply to ruin your day.

So a moment of silence, please, for the longest winning streak since the storied 2006-2007 season.

. . .

The Knicks shoved it in and broke it off, guys. There is not one thing that went right for the Mavericks last night. Not one thing. Inside shots? Nope. Free throws? An uncharacteristic (and migraine triggering) 19-26. Outside scoring? 7-21 on three point shots. Sharing the ball well? 14 assists. Interior defense? New York got 46 points in the paint? Perimeter defense? The Underpants got 16-30 from beyond the periphery; way beyond in several cases. Rebounds? Enough! Uncle! Mustard! Safeword! Cut it out, can't'cha?

So, last night, New York got some of their own back and Denver skipped over us in the standings. And I am going back to bed.

Shawn; "Throw it out the window." Coach; "Tonight was ugly."

And Dirk; "Screw the streak."

Word, man.

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