Thursday, March 11, 2010

But They're Good For You

A few days ago, in a fit of righteous homer indignation, I posted what I thought was a nice little flaming of John Hollinger and his Amazing Basketball Calculator.

Then I read a few thoughts from Rob Mahoney on the subject. And should I ever meet Mr. Hollinger, I owe him an apology.

Of course he's not taking into account how much better the Mavs could get. That's not his mission and he says so up front. Hard numbers are his game and by those numbers -- pure production and nothing else -- his opinion is valid. I chose to overlook that, and that was incorrect.

Do I think his opinion of the Mavs is unfairly low? I can't answer that; I've never met the man. I also need to bear in mind the ultimate standard everyone is measuring against; defeating the LA Lakers in a playoff series. And in spite of some recent reality checks, LA is still the team to beat in the West.

So, Mr. Hollinger, I'm sorry. Calling your work "bad science" was inaccurate, unfair, and really rather mean. And as to your assertion the Mavericks can't beat LA . . . we'll see. I'll tell you one thing; the Lakers better bring their lunches.

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