Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scientifc Wild-Ass Guess Incorrect

Erick Dampier did a quickie interview with Chuck Cooperstein and Brad Davis last night after the game. Coop asked him about his absence and Dampier said that it wasn't just faintness that came over him right before the Pistons game; he had numbness in one arm.

No details on what, if anything, the doctors found. But he's been cleared medically to play.

That explains a lot, about why he was scratched literally at the last second, and why he's been out for a while. Let me tell you a story. About fifteen years ago, a figure skating pairs team were rehearshing for an exhibition tour and the gentleman -- fella by the name of Sergei Grinkov, twenty-eight years old, perfect condition -- collapsed on the ice. An autopsy revealed two blocked arteries in his heart. He was probably dead before he hit the ground. Come to find out he'd been having angina attacks for weeks, but they were misdiagnosed as a backache.

Point is, when someone says they're experiencing something that might be a heart attack, you do not fuck around.

I'd still like to know what exactly was the matter. That's my starting center; I'd really rather he not, y'know, die on me or anything. But even the remotest possibility-- the team responded appropriately. Here's hoping everything's okay, and stays that way.

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