Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Word around the knitting circle is Nowitzki has avoided an infection and is a game-time decision for tonight against the Trailblazers.

Bear in mind -- I adore Dirk, love watching him play, and want him back soonest. But. In my judgement, he should sit this one out. The next game isn't until Saturday against Memphis. The extra three days of letting the wound sit easy will help. Also, I'm not okay with even the slightest chance of anything ripping, tearing, or splitting back open -- the odds of which are quite high if he takes contact with that arm.

And in the final wash, a victory or a loss against the Blazers is just a checkmark. Memphis -- along with San Antonio, Houston, and New Orleans -- is another story because they're in our division. Divisional record is a tiebreaker in determining playoff seeding. I like being second in the conference. The #2 seed is one we can work with.

So, Coach, Mr. Smith. Spike his Gatorade and lock him in a spare office. Better yet, let me do it. ;-)

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