Friday, December 25, 2009

Let The Record Reflect

I was not dreaming of a white Christmas.

For analysis of the first 29 games this season, the Good King of Numbers David Lord is on the case.

When it comes to the Mavericks, our two biggest weaknesses are the same as they usually are; unreliable depth at the center position (with apologies to Dampier who's playing like an All-Star and fuck you NBA for not putting him on the ballot), and no pure scoring shooting guard. Jason Terry's shooting slump has gone from being annoying to being downright terrifying and JJ Barea's tragically undersized with all the problems that go along with that. Howard's coming off the bench in what I think is Coach's attempt at carrot-and-stick (and might be on the verge of blowing up in the team's face).

So, a center and a good two guard. Too bad that's what everybody else needs too. Price is determined by demand, and good God there's a lot of demand.

Some other general notes --

- If Rasheed Wallace isn't careful he's going to get a free sick day, courtesy of the league. After sixteen technical fouls a player is automatically suspended for one game. Look, I appreciate passion, outspokeness, and a certain amount of chutzpah in people. But a player that can't play is no good to me. Situation in the playoffs couple years ago; yes I would've loved watching Dirk coldcock that asshole-that-walks-like-a-man into the floor. Which would've earned him an ejection and a suspension during a playoff series the Mavericks were still thinking they could win. Learn when to put your pride in your pocket.

- I hereby waive my right to bitch any more than necessary about injuries. Why? Look at Portland. Greg Odem is out for the season (again) with a fractured kneecap, and in the game with the Mavericks on Tuesday their other center, Joel Przybilla, went down with a ruptured patella tendon. Don't look too close at his knee if you're queasy about joint injuries. On top of that, their leader, floor general, and all-around good egg Brandon Roy's got a sprained shoulder. And yet-- they're in the playoff picture and are playing their guts out.

- So much for our hope that the Lakers would hit the wall when they started hitting the road. The word came down that Pau Gasol's signed a 3 year extension to his contract. Motherfucker.

- Good God, teams can fall fast. From taking the Celtics to a damned exciting seven games in the first round last postseason, the Bulls have lost to the Nets, watched helplessly as Lebron danced on their grave (as he was digging it), and blew a home game earlier this week to the Sacremento Kings. How big of a lead? Wellll . . . put on your protective eyewear. The Kings were down by 35 points before Tyreke Evans went Nova. I think the bronze of His Holiness The Jordan retched when nobody was looking. Hasn't happened yet, but Coach Del Negro's got a barbeque waiting to grill his ass. Incidentaly, Del Harris -- friend of the Mavs and basektball priest -- was an advisor and assistant to Del Negro last year when the Bulls were going above and beyond. He's not there now; he's in New Jersey trying to save their souls. No Del Harris = trip to Basketball Hell. Coincidence?

- Christmas presents from the league this year include Miami at New York (meh), Phoenix hosting the LA junior varsity squad (Sideshow Bob shudder), and Denver at Portland (Roy and Billups probably not playing) on ESPN. Stocking stuffers. But look at what's under the tree (on ABC) -- Los Angeles hosts Cleveland and Boston goes to Orlando. Should be fun.

- By the way, open presents Christmas morning, not Christmas eve. Bloody savage.

Merry Christmas and have a joyous and blessed New Year. :-D

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