Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Mavs M*A*S*H Unit

The injury woes continue. Erick Dampier came down with something real sudden-like before the Pistons game a couple weeks ago and is just now coming back to play limited minutes.

If the opportunity came, I'd ask if he has a family history of adult onset diabetes. Sudden feelings of faintness are a symptom of hypoglycemia and adjusting to medication or a radical change in diet could account for his extended absence. If it were food poisioning or dehydration he wouldn't've been out for so long and the press was assured after a few days that the doctors had ruled out anything health or career threatening.

That's just a guess. H1N1 was ruled out immediately but that's not the only virus that can knock you on your ass and leave you there awhile.

J-Ho's been shelved . . . again. Once again, not enough information to make judgement calls. Fisher says it was a minor ankle repair; I'd like that confirmed. Saying it was an arthroscopic surgery doesn't tell me the extent of the repairs, nor the rehab needed, nor the recovery time. Turns out there's a lot that can go wrong with ankle joints.

I don't want to believe that Josh -- after rolling on two bad legs in the playoffs last year -- would do anything to jepordize his ability to get back on the floor and play. I really don't want to believe that.

The Matrix -- after a slow start to the season, frankly, I was hoping for more -- came down onto some moron's foot at the Milwaukee game and twisted an ankle. He's back in the lineup but hurting. Tim Thomas turned in an I Am Man And You Will Fear Me game against the Rockets, but tweaked his back and sat out yesterday. Quinton Ross, our Plan B starting two guard's been in and out with back problems. And Drew Gooden sat a few games with a chest muscle injury. When will the fun ever stop?

And with all that . . . 13-5 as of December 1. Actions speak louder, so here's some good stuff:

Kris Humphries's atom smasher:

Assist #10,335, along with some other awesomeness (that T was bogus, by the way):

And . . .:

I could watch that forever.


Jake said...

Even with the injuries, you have to be happy with the Mav's season so far. Tied with Denver for third in the west and just one win fewer than LA and PHX. It's a position I wish their neighbors to the south could currently claim.

BJ said...

Says the guy whose team's won five straight.