Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Presenting the Dallas Mavericks' Game Schedule, 2010-2011

It's here! It's here! The roadmap of my evenings and weekends until sometime in April!

Raw schedule here, Our Man Mark Followill's takes here.

My thoughts?

- Well at least they're getting it over with early; The Dope Show that is the Miami Heat is in town on Saturday, November 27th, tipoff at 7:30 Central. Given that it'll be early in the season (I'm giving Miami until Valentine's Day until the techtonic egos destabilize the team to the point of causing earthquakes) and given that the Mavs will be playing the last game of a four-outta-five, I think we're gonna get shellacked. But hell, I thought that about the Cleveland home game when Dirk had to sit out with a bite on his shooting arm.

- For us deranged folk, December's a busy month. There's a six game homestand starting on the seventh. I'm gonna have blue stuck in my pores all through Christmas.

- Cut a break over the holidays though -- there's an Away at Orlando on the 21st, then off until another roadie at Oklahoma City on the 27th. The family guys should appreciate that.

- According to Followill, we get the Eastern Conference token matchups over with in the middle of March. The schedule also gets rather road-heavy and features teams with whom we're going to be fighting for playoff seeding. Should be fun.

- We get the Thunder three times this season. Two roadies. There is a matchup I fear. They're not babies anymore, and they're hungry. And right now I like Kevin Durant more than just about anybody in terms of a league star. I think this year the postseason threshold in the West is going to stay high, and the Thunder will be the reason why. Portland -- who the hell knows? the Jazz are a constant; LA's a bitch; the Suns have to find a way to cope with life after Stoudemire; San Antonio's a year older; the Mavs are a year older; and in Houston much depends on whether or not Yao Ming plays next year.

Dust off the VCR, locate the paints, get new brushes, and get to work on those incidentals -- basketball is on the way.

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