Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Looooong Hiatus

Hello fellow interdweebs.

Hey, who put all this ragweed in my lawn? Dandilions I can live with -- they're cheery. But this requires some heavy duty plant murder.

What I'm trying to say using clumsy metaphor is I've been away. The job I was busting my ass over wound up not panning out (the very nice raise never materialized, the promise of more work was an empty one, and the staffing guys lied when they said they had other clients interested). Shortly, I'm unemployed again. There've been other issues going on, but nothing that needs to be detailed here.

When we last left our heros they were getting bounced out of the first round by the (insert swear words of choice) Spurs. The usual fingers got pointed, the usual excuses were made, the fellows ate -- or in some cases got force-fed -- their usual ration of crow. Lakers versus Celtics in the Finals and the forces of evil triumphed yet again. Vomit.

And that's pretty much where we come in. More posts later; I haven't forgotten about my loyal readers (all three of them). Time to re-embrace my obsession.

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