Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not Even The Suitcase From Fargo

Few days ago, a deal was signed that made it official -- Ricky Rubio won't be in the league this year. The contract with his Euroleague team had a buyout clause the Timberwolves were not able to meet.

Who, pray tell, is the idiot that told him to declare for the draft with the possibility that he wouldn't be able to come? I don't get it, frankly. Rubio was -- is -- a hot prospect, but what would've been the harm in him playing another year or two in the Euroleagues? Now everybody involved looks like a pack of morons and there's always the possibility he'll get hurt and never play a second in the NBA.

Minnesota retains his player rights and the contract with FC Barcelona has an escape clause that becomes active in 2011. I wonder . . . is there a way the Mavs could get in on that?

Pie in the sky, but it's a thought to dream on.

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