Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sigh . . . Those Guys

Let's get this out of the way.

Yes, I hate the Heat. Yes, I hate LeBron -- he promoted himself as a reason to love living in Cleveland and as a hero of joy and hard work and it was all a big fat fucking lie. Yes, I hate Dwayne Wade -- to imply that anybody fakes injury or illness is rich coming from that guy, but to imply that Dirk Nowitzki, of all possible people . . . it's sheer cheek is breathtaking. I dislike Chris Bosh, but at least he's been honest all these years in saying his life in Toronto sucked and the love of the fans there would never mean as much as the national stage.

I think what happened was, going off their experiences playing on Team USA back in Beijing and their bond as friends, JWB and their representatives managed to fudge a way to get the three of them together. (Such fudging goes against the league's rules about not speculating along such lines until a player's contractual obligation has been fulfilled, but never mind.) What they didn't realize or chose to overlook is that there's a totally different dynamic at work between friends and between teammates. Friends support each other; teammates bring out the best in each other. JWB haven't figured out how to do that yet. They might, eventually, or they might not.

In any event, I am glad that their season ended in a firey and embarassing crash (apologies to any actual Heat fans, the ones that've stuck with this team even when they were awful), and I'm glad that it was my Mavs that made it happen. It adds a pleasing symmatry to this thing.

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