Thursday, June 16, 2011

From There To Here

I remember the day.

I remember the day Himself and his Jedi Master were rumored to be back in Dallas, to put ink to paper and make it official. I remember coming south on Central Expressway and seeing, in the middle of an overcast sky, dark stormclouds hovering over the city of Dallas. As I passed through Plano it started pouring rain. It was, honestly, too eerie for words.

"Please, please let this not be an omen."

Almost a year has gone by. From a cool afternoon featuring stormclouds over Dallas to a crystal clear and awesomely hot summer evening. From a living room meeting amidst the wreckage of a broken season to scrambling for a place for private tears. From an angry sob in a parking lot in Frisco to an unbelieving shriek in a cloud of streamers and confetti.

From there, to here.

It was an omen.

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