Wednesday, October 14, 2009

God I'm Tired Of This

According to a columnist -- the column, for reasons that pass understanding, is featured on -- there's a difference between a "franchise player" and a "foundation player." "Franchise players" are the divine accidents, the acolytes to the holy alter upon which the names of Russell, Chamberlain, Bird, Magic, Jordan et al are enshrined. They are seething cauldrons of Manliness in a sport crammed with Men. "Foundation players" are Men, but not on the same level.

And of course and as usual, guess who's not quite Good Enough.

This man's logic escapes me. I'll grant that Chris Paul is something special . . . but in terms of the postseason his teams have gone nowhere. By this author's own rules -- players that can win, No Matter What -- Chris Paul would not qualify. Neither would Dewayne Wade -- did Miami even make it out of the first round last spring? And just to nitpick, if Kevin Garnett were truly a Franchise player by Vince Thomas's definition of the term, wouldn't he have won a title with Minnesota?

Where our Dirk is concerned, Mr. Thomas is no better than the ESPN "analysts" who only watch the Mavs when forced by contract to do so. Dirk's averages have remained otherworldly for going on ten years. How does that disqualify him from Franchise status? As far as the Finals faceplants, how much blame can be totally assigned to Dirk is debateable. God knows he's never tried to duck any of it.

Mr. Thomas's column is nothing more than an NBA version of Top Gear's Cool Wall. Fun for arguing purposes and good for absolutely nothing else.

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