Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Guessing They Rock-Paper-Scissors

Fresh grist for the rumor mill; Fisher knows a guy who says the Warriors and the Mavericks are talking business. Several of the Warriors -- including Captain Jack his ownself -- have gone public with a desire to be Elsewhere and the front office is looking to downsize payroll. Which the Mavericks can help them do.

I think Stephen Jackson's a dick, to be honest. But he's a dick I'd want on my side. Trouble is his contract is a vat of sick with a basketball floating in it -- four years, $36 million. Monta Ellis is also wishing for a Get Out Of San Francisco Bay Free card, he can probably be had for reasonable, and his stats aren't bad.

When everything the Mavs have been doing this offseason has been about having plus eating, how willing is the Organization to take long-term deals? Last year's talent acquisition . . . didn't go well. To put it mildly, the state of affairs these days is rather more uncertain, in every imaginable respect.

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