Saturday, August 22, 2009

Go You (gulp!) Lions!

Why is Iverson still unemployed?

If you've read Kitchen Confidential, you know the answer to that. In production-driven environments, one can get away with being unpleasant, rude, crude, filthy, psychotic, possibly homicidal . . . if and only if you can bring something to the table no one else can. Allen Iverson is Adam Real Last Name Unknown if Adam ever lost the power to make the magic bread. I might be reading this wrong, but in a system that made him pay for behaving like an asshole, he blew away like a bad fart smell.

Football season tuning up. Don't really give a shit. Bracing for unwelcome Cowboys overload in the coming months. I am not a Cowboys fan and watching them fuck up last year was a source of amusement, bemusement, and exasperation. By the way, the guy that called into the radio show comparing Tony Romo to Dirk Nowitzki should've had his talking priviledges revoked.

In other news, Nowitzki and Barea will not be playing for their respective national teams this summer -- Dirk because he promised Mr. Cuban that if Germany made the Olympics last year he'd take this year off, JJ because he hasn't recovered enough from an operation on his shoulder right after the season ended. My first loyalty is to the Mavericks, so cutting down any injury risk is a good thing. It still sucks they're not able to play.

About ten more weeks . . .

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