Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News Flash!

According to TMZ, they've got cameraphone video of The Dunk That Never Happened -- a high school kid attending a skills camp dunking on The Baby James. According to rumor, shortly after it went down, Lebron called over a guy and next thing you know all the reporters onsite were asked to turn over any video recordings.

Dear Person Who Authorized The Confiscation,

I'll be blunt. Where are your brains, in your ass?

Do you have any idea the positive press you could have gotten from this? Offhand, I can think of three or four different ways this could've turned out to be manna from Heaven as far as James's personal image goes. He could've embraced the kid and called him brother. He could've offered the kid's folks courtside seats for the next season. At the very least, he could've gotten a lot of positive mileage just by shaking his hand and congratulating him on a lucky shot.

Instead, you did something that drips with superdickery. On top of walking away from the handshake at the conference finals, it adds up to make Lebron James -- the poster boy for tomorrow's NBA -- look like a dick. And if it was you, sir, who asked the reporters to do this, you are a dick.

You idiot.

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