Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Guy Number Two

Drew Gooden is coming to Dallas.

Add a dash of Katherine Hepburn to this sentence; and that's to be the savior of my Mavericks.

I see a couple of potential problems. First has to do with, for lack of a better word, player-taming. Word around the coffee pot is he's got no discipline and is a wee bit of a knucklehead. The teams he's been on haven't seemed motivated to keep him. Second has to do with position. Gooden's a rebounder, but not a banger. Can he realistically back up Dampier, or supplant him as starter?

Not enthusiastic. A news bit on has me wondering who's screwing who here.

For a little pick-me-up, the good folks at Basketball Reference have picked their All-Decade team for the Years Zero. It's a team I'd trust against the Forces of Evil, no problem. Guess who starts at forward alongside Tim Duncan?

Hint: It ain't Garnett.

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