Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drafty, Isn't It?

If you detect a marked lack of enthusiasm for the Thrilling Climax Of Our Basketball Year, you're a perceptive sort. Superman and Co sacrificed on the alter of Laker dominance, arguements in MavsLand about whether the 'choker' label will stick to Dwight Howard the way it continues to stick to Dirk (it won't), whining about how history would've been different if the Organization had pulled the trigger on a trade discussed a couple years ago which would've netted us Kobe but lost us Dirk

For the record. Yeah right, you're going to take a top ten player with no ego, put him in the organization that can get anybody for anything, and into a stable run by Phil Jackson -- the guy who somehow convinced Scottie Pippin to live in Jordan's shadow. We'd be in the entertaining but losing position of putting up with Bryant's bullshit while watching Dirk win a ring with another team. And maize is so not his color. I'm just saying.

On our end, what do the Mavs need? Well . . . little bits of everything, really. The most glaring need I can see is an upgrade at starting center -- now I like Dampier, and I'm sure he's a helluva nice guy, but the Mavs have lost an awful lot of games because of weakness inside. Damp's basketball IQ isn't great, his hands aren't great, his defensive skills are good but not great. We have Ryan Hollins, and I hope we hang onto him through next year, but in NBA terms he's practically an infant.

Point guard is going to become an issue. Jason Kidd's not going anywhere for the simple reason the Mavs can throw the most money at him. For the short term, I'm okay with that. JJ can handle the backup duties, plus I'm-faster-than-you swingman. In the long term, the team needs to have someone lined up for the post-Kidd years. I'm one of the ones who's sold on the potential wow factor of Ricky Rubio. Sadly, we're not getting him. At least not this year, she said with a dreamy look in her eyes.

On top of that, we need a two-guard. Preferably one who can play defense. I love Jason Terry down to his knee socks, but his D is not a reason why.

Draft night tonight, and if I told you I've fathomed the thinking and strategies of our Head Babies In Charge, I'd be lying.


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