Friday, June 19, 2009

Breathing Again

I've had a month to cool off. Surely I can approach the subject rationally now.

Now that the (bloop) have won the championship, the basketball world takes a deep breath and enters the regeneration phase -- re-evaluating established talent, bringing in the FNGs, copping feels around the wallet region. The fans -- the ones who find aforementioned talent eval, new guy bringing, and cash feeling-up-ing boring -- are left to their own devices.

Everybody's got their preferred coping mechanism. An alternate obsession helps. Mine's Top Gear. I'm not sure why. Though I will say the thought of Shaq trying to fold himself into the world's smallest car is worth a chuckle. (And that's literally what he would have to do.) That'll hold me until October, when the season gets rolling again. I hope. Ignore the glimmer of tears in my eyes as football season starts, the tremble to my hands as I watch snippets of pick-up games, or the touch of mania to the cussing I toss at the engorged SUV flying the (bloop) colors.

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