Saturday, May 9, 2009

Who Invited Marilyn Manson?

If you own a copy of Golden Age of Grotesque, take a second and cue up Para-Noir.

So if you follow the Mavs or read the local papers, you've heard there was a fracus at Casa Nowitzki that ended with an arrest. The accused is a lady name of Cristal Taylor, Dirk's girlfriend and intended.

The Morning News, which loves sports scandal more than just about anything, is on it. Drooling.

My sympathies lie with Dirk-- hold it a second, it's not because of that. My housemate and best friend happened across a con artist and professional bastard some years back. By the time the dust settled, I no longer had a best friend (last I knew she'd moved back with her kin in Chicago). Long story, buy me many drinks and I'll detail. Benefit of the doubt tends to go to the folks who've had the bad luck to draw jokers when they Go Fish for mates. Show me proof of bastard behavior on his part and believe me, I'll be first in line at the stoning party. No such proof has been offered and I doubt like hell any exists.

I think the final wash rinses out something like this. The best case scenario is Ms. Taylor is a woman with a checkered past whose major sins when it comes to Dirk are lies of omission. Those are fatally easy when you care about someone and know that saying something's going to hurt them. The worst-case scenario, and of course it's the one the news is shining up and holding out for everyone to look at, is Dirk's former POSSLQ is a con artist whose mark got wise before rings changed hands.

For the sake of his peace of mind, I hope it's best case. And for everyone's sake, please dear Jesus she's not pregnant by him. That elevates a particularly gross relationship crash to the kind of stuff that ruins lives.

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