Sunday, May 10, 2009



I was not happy with the officiating of Game 3. More makeup calls than a Mary Kay convention.

And guess what.


My blog, I'll scream if I want to. Check this shit out.

Now I know why Antoine didn't foul Melo; he had (twice), and the refs didn't call it.

Am I totally nuts for thinking there's a pattern here? First there was that totally crap foul stuck on Terry that probably won the Nuggets that game in December -- Chauncy Billups kicked his foot out while shooting and hit the Jet, I didn't see Terry initiate anything. Then there were a couple of ticky-tack fouls at the end of the last game in March -- I was there, the calls were dubious, and I wouldn't have blamed Dirk for punting the nearest grayshirt like a football. And now this shit?

The non-call effectively stole a win from Dallas, which would have extended the series by at least another game in Denver and -- stranger things have happened -- might have allowed the Mavericks to get back into the series.

Thanks a smegging lot, NBA. This song's for you:


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