Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just In Time For The Playoffs . . . Kinda

Ahh . . . home internets!

No, I did not bail through the second half of the season then come back on board when the Mavs started to be worth a damn. And I got the ticket stubs to prove it, bitches.

So we're leading the series 3-1. I'm calling this as a Mavs in six -- I do not think the Spurs will allow themselves to be humiliated on their own floor -- with the confidence of having history on my side. However, the Mavs have been on the wrong side of the numbers before. Examples to cite are numerous and painful.

In one way, we're lucking out. Dirk's scoring is being effectively neutralized by San Antonio's defense and Jason Terry's (Sixth Man of the Motherfucking Year!!! congratulations Mr. Terry!) slumping . . . and we're winning anyway. Because other than the awesomeness that is Tony Parker and the Big Fundamental, the Spurs don't have much.

That's not going to be true going forward. I take nothing away from Josh Howard's might and majesty when I say he's not going to be enough as the Mavs try to make a serious push.

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