Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Round Thoughts

First of all, whoever in Detroit signed off on the Billups-Iverson trade should present themselves to the true-blue Pistons fans and humbly beg to commit seppuku.

The fans should refuse and drown them in Lake St. Clair.

Secondly, I really thought the Jazz were the best canadites in the Conference to make the Lakers have to work for their first round. Sadly, that did not happen. The league is dry-chafing its collective erection, trying not to make a mess before the NBA Finals Starring LeBron James and Kobe Bryant gets rolling.

Thirdly, I'm not at all happy that the Hornets got dismembered by the Nuggets. Not really. Those Nuggets are probably going to be facing my Mavs in the conference semis. I disagree with M. Moore's assertion that Chris Paul's going to get cut slack for this, though. This was supposed to be the year the Hornets swept out the Old Order of Suns, Mavs, and Spurs, leading the Western Conference to a happy place. Instead, led by CP3, they faceplanted. Fail.

I feel sorry for New Orleans, though, for the same reason my heart cries for Detroit. The mental and fiscal health of a major metro area is tied to sport. The respective failures of the Pistons and the Hornets drains hope and hard coin from cities that badly need both.

And finally, a little closer to home . . .

I'm not going to jinx it. I'm not. Suffice it to say, playoff time at the AAC is crazy. And no wonder Tim Duncan overacts fouls; when he's not overacting, he looks insane.

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