Monday, January 5, 2009

Game 33, Dallas Mavericks visit Memphis Grizzlies

Theme: Bash and Pop, "Making Me Sick"
Game Info: Disturbing my repression

I had to follow this game piecemeal, splitting time between the library's Internet access terminals and feeding my mother. The library closed at five, it's the fourth quarter and I think all's well because we're only down a few and look how the guys've been doing in fourth quarters lately.

Ten minutes later I get aboveground and turn the radio on.

I can't turn my back on you boys for a minute, can I?

- Explain to me how we only scored 14 in the fourth quarter. Use small words, please, my basketball IQ is still a work in progress.

- Well there goes the triple-double threat. Jason Kidd's knuckleball's quit dropping.

- I. Am. Not. Going. To. Bitch. About. The. Refs. So there!

- Good thing; Dirk scored 28 points. Bad thing; 22 of those were in the first half. Dude!

- Defensive breakdown. Dampier got into early foul trouble and Diop couldn't cope. Okay, so Donnie Nelson gets to answer for that one too. Diop's not playing up to par and hasn't been all season long. And don't get me started about Devean George.

- Seeking a reliable shooting guard. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

- Will the real Josh Howard -- the slasher, the rebounder, the bad mother who fears nothing -- please stand up?

- We're the number one rebounding team in the league right now! Honest! How in the name of all that is holy and a lot that isn't did we get outrebounded by the fucking Grizzlies?!?!?

- OJ Mayo. Marc Gasol. May you slam into the rookie wall hard enough to shatter your skulls like eggshells. Seriously.

In The Wash: Slow starts have been an issue for several weeks now, and it's starting to catch up with us. The question is why are we starting slow? Where is the breakdown in effort occuring? I refuse to accept it's due to a lack of talent; I don't buy it. Why aren't the Mavs playing with any greed?

One of two things has to happen, and soon. Either one of the bench guys who've been tapped for shooting guard stakes out that starting spot and hangs on, or the Organization makes a trade for someone who can. The way Brandon Bass has been playing, he's trade bait. So are most of the other roleplayers -- Wright, Jimz, Williams, et al. Jet's playing really really well and would be an attractive trade piece, but who could we get for him?

For that matter, the Kidd deal is still unfolding. His contract is up this year. If Dallas doesn't make noises about extending it . . . I don't like to think any player would do this, but this is a guy with a history of front-office based temper tantrums. He pulls that kind of shit, I hope Dirk and Jet's good nature doesn't preclude some wall-to-wall counseling.

Bitter? Irrational? Abso-fuckin-lutely.

Final: 102-82, Grizzlies

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