Sunday, January 4, 2009

Game 32, Dallas Mavericks host Philadelphia 76ers

Theme: Three Dog Night, "Joy To The World"
Game Info: Ahh, start the New Year off right

A little concerned at some points . . . but not really worried.

- Another bad hair day for Dirk -- I don't think he made a shot the whole first quarter. So he took it inside and got to work from close range. Um . . . correct me if I'm wrong on this, but doesn't that mean he kinda sorta does have a low-post game? I mean, I might be full of shit on this . . .

- 31 points, on lower-than-it-should-be 11-27 shooting. Tell me that's going to get better, okay hon?

- Listen to the Jet. Trust the Jet.

- It's the oldest wheeze in basketball; he doesn't have to score to be effective. That's going to get carved on Jason Kidd's tombstone. Insert joke about revolving cast of girlfriends. But anyway, against bad teams it's true.

- I don't like the slow starts we've been getting off to these last dozen games or so. Against bad teams we can afford to wait until they start making stupid mistakes. Fine, until you go up against a team that doesn't make stupid mistakes. You find yourself down 29 points against the San Antonio Spurs, you might as well make out your will and put it in a safe place.

- Well our young Mr. Green came off the bench. For thirteen seconds. Eeeeh . . .

- Josh Howard is a tease. His shooting percentage in this game is . . . gross. But! Seven boards out of the deal.

- Andre Iguodala. Intriguing. Still pwned.

In The Wash: For now the Mavs are doing what they're supposed to be doing; getting better whilst whaling the tar out of the opposition. We're only a game back from where we were last year. That's promising. As far as salving the broken hearts of the DFW sports fanbase, they're doing what they can. Game time against Memphis in a couple of minutes.

Final: 96-86, Mavericks!

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