Monday, September 29, 2008

Weasel Words

I try to be rational where Dirk is concerned. I really do. You wouldn't believe some of the blurbs I haven't posted.

But the idea that he's looking forward to free agency -- implication being he wants to leave the Mavs for another team -- fills my head with flames. I'll accept retirement, or a repatriation back to Germany, but seeing him in the NBA as anything but a Maverick? Not in this or any other lifetime.

But anyway. Today is Press Day, and our man Fish is on the case. The team had physicals on Saturday, and training camp starts tomorrow. I believe the players will play their guts out -- that's what they do. The nerves come from the idea that the organization's upper levels -- coaching and management -- do not have a strong history of making sure the team's effort doesn't go to waste.

If this line of reasoning is flawed, please explain why: championships can't be won at the organizational or coaching level, but they can be lost there.

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