Monday, August 18, 2008


Jesus Christ.

I'm suddenly thankful I couldn't watch this one.

We all knew Team Germany was outclassed at this table. We all knew it was a worthy achievement for them to even make the Games, period.

But . . . oh, my God. It wasn't a cooldown, cats and kittens. Remember the original Mortal Kombat? The one where your best friend would inevitably kick your ass by playing Sub-Zero? Like that.

Short of a meltdown of supernova proportions or major injuries to Dwayne Wade (who by the way is beginning to scare me) and LeBron James and all three of the point guards -- a run-in with the Dallas Derby Devils perhaps? -- Team USA's solid. When they recap the gold/silver game for the closing ceremonies, I think the theme from The Untouchables is a good choice for background music.

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