Monday, August 25, 2008

Back Where It Belongs

- Okay, remember how I said Team Spain wouldn't be a problem? Whoops. Sorry. Team Spain played a phenominal game. I kept waiting for Team USA to kill their will and turn the game into a let's-get-the-dying-over-with situation. It never happened. They just would not die. I was on the edge of my seat until the final posession.

- The inconsistancy of officiating is going to have to be addressed by FIBA, and the sooner the better. All the teams complained about the calls throughout the Games.

- I'd sooner eat soup made from my own flesh than say it, but Kobe Bryant did impress me. Favorably. MVP 2008.

- That said, I think I could learn to seriously love LeBron James.

- I'm going to have to study the tape some more, but I find it interesting that USA had the most fits with zone defesne, as opposed to man-to-man. I'm also noticing -- as usual please correct me if I'm wrong on this -- that Chris Paul had problems cracking it on dribble penetration. That's out of character if I understand his game right.

- If you look at the stat sheets, Jason Kidd didn't do any such of a much. But the entire team, coaches included, cite him as a leader of class and honor.

- On Team Spain's end of it, we're going to have to keep an eye on Ricky Rubio. He's still got his milk teeth; in a couple of years he's going to be terrifying.

- None, repeat none, of the medalists have a goddamn thing to apologize for. They brought honor to their countries and their clan.

- Comparing Team USA 2008 to the Dream Team is the same as comparing Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan, or Dirk to Larry Bird. It's inaccurate and unfair to all parties involved. The Dream Team was a once in a millenium collection of divinely gifted talent. Team USA was just the best in the world. That's all they have to be. And that's plenty.

I'm honored and delighted to have had this team representing the United States on the world stage. Congratulations, gentlemen.


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