Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mavs Fan For Life

Februrary 29.

Bad night that night, homesick and lonesome. Rather than spend an evening pouting with my cat, I decided to visit with my new and interesting boys; there's a pizza place by Lovers Lane and Greenville that's got a huge screen forever turned to The Game, whatever it is.

I split my attention between the TV and the Morning News, nose-deep in a ham and pineapple pizza. Nice game, good distraction from my woes.

Then I saw Amazing Happen.

That's the first time I got my socks knocked off. This wasn't a clip-fest or a retrospective with some guy lecturing me about why this was so bloody exciting. This was how the hell did they do that?!? This was holy shit wow! This was turning to the guy at the other table and saying, "Did you see that?" This was irrational giggling fits on the bus all the way home. This was staying up to see the clip on the late night news.

That's it. Michigan has my soul, but bury my heart at the American Airlines Center. MFFL

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