Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Game 24, Dallas Mavericks visit Toronto Raptors

Theme: Da Yoopers, "The Second Week of Deer Camp" (it's a Michigander thing)
Game Info: Drink, play cards, and shoot the bull, but never shoot no deer

If you're curious, Deer Camp is a two-week period at the start of firearm deer season in which family and friends spend their vacations in no-mod-cons shacks in the middle of nowhere, not washing, drinking beer, and playing with guns. Also known as the main impetus for building the Mackinac (pronounced Mack-in-naw) Bridge. I've never been, but it actually sounds kinda fun. If you've never had venison, you're missing out.

What does this have to do with the Mavs? Nothing directly, but they're in Toronto tonight, and for some reason I sing Da Yoopers in the shower when I'm feeling homesick for my beloved Great Lakes.

Anywho, I'm biting my fingers watching the play-by-play update itself on I'm at the library right now and my radio can't get a signal.

- I heard enough of the first quarter to know JJ's down, please God nothing major.

- There's 4:23 to go and we're up by ten. After being outscored 33-21 in the first quarter (!). Painful experience has taught me that in basketball there is no such thing as a safe lead, so I'm waiting here and biting my nails.

- Double-double Dirk is at it again. And he was ice cold in the first half.

- Devean George's contribution -- at least in the box -- amounts to four rebounds. Still not getting it.

- Jay-Hoooo! Twenty points in twenty-two minutes. Did I mention that we missed you, man?

And it's official!

Final: 96-86, Mavericks!

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